Eat Roots and Leaves

carrot tops2A pile of green carrot tops formed next to the cashier at the farmers market. They had been summarily removed from their lanky roots like some kind of ritual beheading. I declined the procedure, adamant about finding a use for the lush fronds.

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Kale vs. Pizza Cutter

kale cutter ed
This kale has many aliases.

I had a load of Tuscan aka lacinato aka dinosaur kale to deal with. At only $3 for about two-and-a-half pounds at my local farmers market, this monster bunch was hard to pass up. Of course it also meant that I had at least two-and-a-half pounds of kale to wash, dry and prepare.

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Stalks of (late) Spring, Part 2


Failure: most people are afraid of it, don’t want to admit to it, and certainly don’t want to eat it.

It’s understandable. Failure can be embarrassing, shameful and all of those other things that make you want to curl up in the fetal position in the dark and listen to Alice in Chains’ Dirt on repeat (or is that just me?).

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Bread, Resurrected


I’m a lover of leftovers, and as such, I’m always encouraging others to give a second life to food items otherwise destined for the trash. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, 40% of food in the U.S. is wasted.  Meaning that nearly half of what is produced never gets consumed, and is decomposing in a landfill near you right now. At the same time, 20% of families with children in this country are food insecure at some point during the year. This is shameful, but you can take steps to reduce your own food waste.

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White Kidney: The Bean with the Answers

Rarely is there truth in spam mail. But then I got an intriguing email from “White Kidney” with the subject line, “The Bean With The Answers.” I gave this a bit of thought and realized that yes, White Kidney, you ARE the bean with the answers. You are the bean with the answers to what I am going to cook for dinner.

You are also the bean that I have stashed in my freezer.

It’s going to be cold, grey and generally the way it’s supposed to be in the Northeast in February. And I want to cuddle up with a White Kidney.

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