Parsnip: Carrot’s Elegant Cousin

Parsnips. I do love them. I suppose my inaugural post should have been dedicated to parsnips, but that would have been a bit too predictable.

Parsnips are what I call an outsider vegetable. Though they are closely related to the carrot, and can be used in similar ways, they don’t seem to get the same amount of love. I just don’t know many people who have parsnips on heavy rotation in their vegetable line up. It’s odd because though their absence of color suggests blandness, they are just the opposite.

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Cabbage: Neglected Crucifer

Let’s reacquaint ourselves with that sadly neglected cruciferous vegetable, cabbage.

Once a kitchen stalwart, it’s been overshadowed recently by kale, its frillier and more fashionable cousin. Sure, it’s nutritious as hell, but the kale fad is now bordering on madness. It reminds me of the oat bran craze of the late 80s and early 90s. People were going berserk for the stuff because it supposedly lowered blood cholesterol levels. Remember that?

No? Exactly.

Here’s evidence of kale’s star dimming: kale in pill form. I’m not sure how a highly processed green powder stuffed into a teeny tiny gelatin capsule could possibly replace the real thing, but hey, capitalism is a wondrous beast. Also, a website called Blender Babes where you can watch bikini-clad women preparing Dr. Oz’s kale smoothie recipe. So, so hot.

After this kale hysteria dies down, what will be left? Yes, more kale, but also cabbage!

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