I Am Now a Couscous Convert

couscousI used to find couscous about as appealing as a mouthful of hot sand. Somehow, food manufactures managed to create a product both mushy and dry simultaneously, with a flavor profile lingering between corrugated cardboard and sawdust.

It’s so easy to blame a faceless corporate entity for my couscous contempt.

I’ve changed though!

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Eat Roots and Leaves

carrot tops2A pile of green carrot tops formed next to the cashier at the farmers market. They had been summarily removed from their lanky roots like some kind of ritual beheading. I declined the procedure, adamant about finding a use for the lush fronds.

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Salisbury Steak. Yes, Salisbury Steak.

Salisbury SteakDr. James Salisbury called it a “muscle pulp of beef” but we know it today as Salisbury steak. The good doctor believed that chopped beef (and coffee) could cure the intestinal ailments of Union soldiers during the Civil War. Convinced of the virtues of this diet—and that fruits and vegetables were the, uh, root of all evil—Dr. Salisbury published The Relation of Alimentation and Disease, which became America’s first fad diet.*

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Breakfast Rebellions: Baked Oatmeal with Carrots and Spices

baked oatmeal2

Spring was 6 days away, and there was a blizzard warning. Why does winter wait until the last possible moment to make an appearance? I was angry at the nor’easter now dusting the crocuses and daffodils in snow and ice, but it also gave me an excuse to hunker down in the apartment and make a pan of baked oatmeal, a cozy yet long-forgotten breakfast dish.

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